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41909_31151_0.pngCommon World inc. is a small technology company focusing on consulting and professional services in the midwest. Specializing on Apple inc. products and OpenText FirstClass software Common world inc offers remote and on-site professional services. Common World inc. has been servicing and training IT administrators and their staff on the award winning software FirstClass for over a decade now. Common World provides service for education and businesses around the MidWest including Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota & Illinois.

Common World inc. offers sales and professional services for OpenText FirstClass communication software.  Common World inc. provides training for staff and at the IT administration level. Common World inc. also provides consulting and professional services as well as Remote Administration services for small businesses and education. Common World inc. specializes with education and educational solutions.

Visit our website with more FirstClass information --> http://www.commonworldinc.com/firstclass/

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